About Noelle

Noelle Nieporte's collections was founded in 2015 by a spitfire east coast girl with a passion for fashion but a deeper passion to inspire and motivate others.

Noelle was inspired by one of the leading female figures of the twentieth century, Helen Keller. Helen a women who even though becoming deaf and blind made it her mission to be a voice for others of disabilities and to support women's rights. "More than any of her accomplishments, she is an example of victory of the human spirit over adversity". Noelle quotes.

" Signed Noelle" Collection represents a lifestyle choice, not just a choice of apparel. It signifies the quest for adventure and spirit which in turn lights up the path to a fulfilled journey. A journey that is meant to be lived with passion and at the same time embodies all that women have fought for over the last few decades. Freedom to be a unique individual. Freedom from conformity and freedom with the purpose to be bold, to live those dreams, pursue those goals and embrace individuality without apologies!

Always remember no matter what stage of life you are in LIFE is a DARING ADVENTURE!