Beauty Tips for you to look Younger after 40s

You have been waking up lately, looking in the mirror and wondering where those lines came from.. So, here are some Beauty Tips for you to look Younger after 30s. Why do you look tired after you slept all night? Why does your skin look dull? I have learned a lot about skin care and what it really takes to look Younger after your 30s. 

1. Skin Creams are a crock of crap... I have bought the very best on the market, and I'm talking about $150 creams that claim that my skin will smooth out, reduce wrinkles and fade sun damage.. It has never happened. I still use very good skin care creams, but I will never spend over $100 for one again because they simply are not going to perform miracles on my face, and I know that. 

2. Microdermabrasion will smooth good sized wrinkles and fade sun spots. There is a little truth to that.. I love the microdermabrasion; I use the PMD Personal Microderm Hand and Body Kit weekly on my face. My face is smoother in texture, and it brings a nice glow to the skin, but I have not seen my wrinkles smooth out at all.. Some sunspots have faded, so that is nice but do not expect to see these tools or treatments take away all of your wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and forehead. 

3. Embrace the changes in your skin? NO WAY... Now you are probably noticing that poweder foundations are not looking the same for you as they used to. So if embracing the changes in our skin mean switching to a liquid foundation then YES I agree. I switched from Bare Minerals to Kate Somerville IllumiKate CC Cream, It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ and Mary K's ageless foundation. The powder foundations cook cakey on skin and less natural. I MUST have an SPF in my foundation from here on out. Kate's CC cream and It Cosmetic Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF give great coverage and give me SPF 50! These CC also creams give my face a dewy glow, and that is what you want at our age. Sunspots ladies if your face is exposed to the sun.. be careful those sun spots age your face.

4. Contour your skin! I am so obsessed with NARS Contour Blush and their brush. If you use this perfect color on your jawline, below your cheek bone, sides of your nose and hairline you will see some rocken definition and you end up looking like Kim Kardashian. Her face is so beautiful, and she knows how to contour her face. Contouring will create depth in your face and takes years off your skin.


5. DON’T Think you need surgery to restore a more youthful look. Alright maybe not surgery but injections for sure. If you see women that are over 40 without wrinkles when she smiles and when she puckers up there are no wrinkles around her mouth then she HAS had injections I PROMISE. There is no shame in injections, none at all. I am not looking to look like Barbie or Lisa Rinna! I want to look my age but better. I want to look awake when I wake up in the morning. I want to have smooth skin without those darn #11's.. those are the lines in between your brow. Embrace the changes of your skin with a few Botox injection. Kelly Ripa says "how BOTOX has changed my life"

I gave Botox a try a few years ago. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect, but after four days I looked into the mirror and my skin had a glow. I looked awake and pretty. My husband had no idea what I did but kept commenting how pretty I was! I was hooked! I use those higher end creams on my face still to see if my wrinkles will come back less and less, but it never fails after six months, when the botox wear off my wrinkles are back... EVERYTIME...


I don't care if you have a career outside the home or work in the home; you want to look awake and look into the mirror and be happy with what you see. There is no shame having a few lines smoothed out on your forehead. I promise EVERY woman you see our age and above that has beautifully smooth skin is going to their dermatologist for BOTOX... Don't let them kid you, they may never admit it, but they do it. I asked Carolyn Sironen, APRN-C at Alpine Dermatology about the women who come in, and she said so many women age 30, 40, 50, 60's are coming in religiously for their BOTOX treatments.


Here are the areas that I had treated.  You will see I did a few units above my lip which softens the mouth lines and give a nice natural curve to the upper lip!  I think the lip is my favorite part to have done. 


I took a video while I was receiving my BOTOX treatment from Nurse Carolyn at Alpine Dermatology. I know I look scary in my before but this is reality people.. I am almost 40, and this is what I look like.. A little help smoothing out lines in my face is welcomed. 




My face care regime:

1. MaryKay Timewise face wash ( I use my Clarsonic)

2.Retin-A (Use at night only) Great for wrinkles and fine lines

3.TriLuma (skin bleaching for acne marks) I use at night, Amazing stuff!

4. Spironolact 100mg (Holywood secret for hormonal acne) 1/2 morning 1/2 night. Ask your dermatologist for a perscription

5. Murad Post Acne Spot Lightening Gel (Morning use)

6. Doxycyclyn (for existing breakouts) Ask you Derm about this.

I like this line for some plumping action!  Instantly hydrate and plump skin with AHAVA's Hydration Cream Mask!


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