How to feel good about yourself when reading a blog


 Does any of this ring a bell? Do you feel good about yourself when you read a blog?

 My life is perfect! I love my husband more than anything, so glad we never disagree on anything. My children are such sweet hearts! They always get straight A's and they do what I say the first time I ask.. I press everyone's clothes every day and always make sure the sheets on their bed are as fresh as can be.

I make sure that I have fresh flowers in my home at all times; they make me happy. After the cleaners clean my house, I snuggle on my beautiful couch and read a book. At least a few times a week I visit with friends and do some retail therapy! My favorite shop I frequent is Chanel and Valentino, my personal stylist's put new things aside for me.

It is imperative that I receive my weekly facial so that my face stays bright, smooth and free from breakouts. Every week I get a blowout, so my hair looks silky and smooth for my husband to touch. Gosh, I am lucky..
Now let's be REAL ladies..... How do you feel when you read those blogs that pretend that life is always organized and perfect. The house is always cleaned, and they have plenty of money to buy Chanel handbags.. I started reading those blogs and I found that after I was done reading them I would run around the house yelling at my "not so perfect" kids to get their homework done, and clean their rooms.. I was throwing stuff away and trying to color coordinate my pantry. I was going crazy..

I confess the first few blogs I loved diving into their world even if it was just for a few minutes.. I imagined how it would be to buy expensive handbags and makeup.. And when I say expensive I'm talking about a Chanel handbag being $5000..

Ladies, our lives are not perfect, our pantries are probably not color coded and we may have arguments sometimes with our spouses.. Guess what?? THAT'S FREAKEN NORMAL. I think we need more REAL blogs that can relate to readers. Show some flaws bloggers.. at least sometimes..

My advise: Don't take those blogs to serious, don't stress yourself out trying to get fresh flowers placed next to your night stand daily. The next time you read a blog that paints a perfect life, breath and laugh because it's a joke... Take a minute, enjoy them and then go back to reality.  They are probably too young to have REAL LIFE kick in anyway.. Give them a few years and a few kids later and I bet you anything you see a change in their blogs..

I want to know what you think, how do you feel when you read those blogs? Does it bother you or do you love diving into their life for a minute?
Now let's post a practical and affordable outfit! And P.S. The fur is FAKE and from Piperlime.. less than $100 Promise! 


My cute Pregos, I partnered with Motherhood so I didn't leave anyone out!  
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