Valentine's day, who cares

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It's that time a year again where if you are in love, your honey should be buying you something special, right? I am in love, and I have a honey but every year I seem to get a gas station bought card and a box of chocolates that happen to be on the counter at checkout. Remember the time when you were single, and you had that "special" one who you knew was going to wine and dine you? Felt good right?
/>Isn't Valentines day our special day or is it the guys special day? I feel like it is more for us than them because we are darn rockstars, and we need to feel special at least one day of the year!


I think we should share wish lists with our loved ones so they have BIG hints as to what you would like.. If you like chocolate then great, that's an easy on for them.. But if you want something special you might want to spell it out for them!
I guess we should make the day special for them also.. When My. Benji and I dated a long time ago; I put candy hearts in his bed with love sayings. I'm going to think of something special to do this year! What are you all going to do? I want ideas!
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XX Noelle

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