Celebrity Tips for Plumping your lips

Looking for a way to plump up your deflated lips?  Does your lipstick bleed above your lip?  Do you wonder how those darn celebrities keep there lips so full and beautiful??  

Here are your options to Plupming your lips..  I have tried all options and here is what I have found is the best way to get a beautiful result.

In order from least effective to most.

5. For a quick method to simulate a voluminous pucker, apply highlighter to the cupid’s bow of your lips and a shimmering balm to the center of your bottom lip. The shimmer will reflect light and give lips the appearance of being much larger than they are.  This tip is according to stylist.com. You can read more here

Click here for the DIY of highlighting

4. Lipgloss plumper!  They actually work pretty good at temporally plumping up your lips.  It feels interesting, kind of like tingling on your lips as it is plumping them up.  Not a bad option to give a try if your wanting a quick fix.  BareMinerals Moxie below is a good one!


3. DIY Lip Plumping balm...  I am not really good at this DIY stuff but I can try anything once..  More info click here 


4 tablespoons coconut oil
1 1/2 tablespoons beeswax pellets
2-3 vitamin E capsules
3/4 tablespoon raw honey
15 cinnamon essential oil drops
lip balm containers
double boiler
measuring spoons

2. Botox!  In an effort to morph lips into a sexy and sensual pout, many women consider Botox injections in lips to be an effective solution with little side effects.  I did this several times and I love it!  It gives your lips a little swoop at the top and bottom of your lips and it looks really nice!  It does not plump your lip though, it just smooths out the upper lip lines and defines your lips a little.. Really nice option!

1. Lip Fillers!!  Think of dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvederm!  I was so afraid of doing this for years that I stayed far away.. until I met JENNIFER K. CLINE, RN from Trilogy Medical Spa in Midvale Utah. When considering a filler you must do your homework, or let us do it for you!  This kind of treatment is an art and must be done by a specialist.  I had Jenn fill my lips for the first time in October 2014 and I was so please with my results that I just went again!  My lips look pump but natural. I am a little obsessed with looking in the mirror now, they look so freaken good! Jen has such a gentle touch and with the sweet numbing cream, I barely knew when she was injecting me! Now,  I am so picky and Jenn is just as picky so I knew she was the right person to do this for me! Tip:  Do not go to a dentist or just anyone that "thinks" they know how to do this because it could be a disaster.  You should look like you, but better so ask around and ask for before and after pictures to talk a look at!!  Call Jenn if your in Utah or email me for another reference in your area.. Here is Jenn's number: (801) 747-2273 

 Here are my pictures from day one to the end result!  

1st picture is right after I had the filler done.. Very swollen... funny!!

 Day 2, swelling is going down!  I like this day the best! Day 2, swelling is going down!

Day 3, looking good!!!

All healed up and they look good right?? 

I never knew I could smooth out my fines around my mouth and naturally plump up my lips until now!  Would you ever do this lip plumping thing?  I want to hear your experiences with plumpers or fillers, have plumper glosses worked for you? Have you had a lip filler and love it or hated it?  


XX Noelle 

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