Life with a Pittsburgh Dad

I am from the burgh people, that means Pittsburgh Pennsylvania! Life with a Pittsuburgh Dad was awesome!  I was born in to an Italian family in the subburbs of the city.  We had big family parties and spoke a little loud at times!  Who am I kidding, if you did not speak loud you were not heard. Yes, we have a bit of an accent.  After I graduated and moved out west I could not figure out why when I spoke that people would look at me funny.  Let me share a few of our words that got me a double take:

Gum Bands- I honestly do not understand why this one get me looks.. I guess all you other people call "gum bands" "rubber bands"..

Buggy- Why don't you know that a buggy is the thing you push around at the grocery store!

Crick- I used to play in the "crick" up the street all of the time, it was so fun.  Alright a Crick is a stream or river!

Get a Shower- My husband still to this day ask's me where I am going to get it.  I look at him funny when he says that.. I am getting it in the other room babe.

Hoagy- Never knew another way to say sub until I moved out west!

Jag- It's a joke people

Pop- This is for sure the right way guys!

Yinz- This is what we say when we mean a few of you!

Com mere- Yes, this means "come here".


I have never laughed so hard until I watched this video.  This is life with a Pittsburgh Dad!  I love my Pittsburgh culture!! 

Here is my Pittsburgh Dad!


My special little treat for you from one of my favorite lines TOO FACED COSMETICS


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