Top 4 New Makeup and fashion favorites

I am really VERY picky about skincare and makeup.  I do find myself trying lots of the newest and hottest products on the market, but sometimes I think they stink...  I will share the ones that honestly have done some good to my face I will let you know if it is a new product I am trying out and I am not sure of yet!  The good news is because I try many new things on the market, I am much more critical than most, especially if I am posting about them. 1. The La Mer line is one of the most expensive lines I have ever tried... I did so much reading and research on this line before I purchased a few things.  I have now been using this line for 2 months and it is doing amazing things to my face.  My acne scars are fading and the texture of my face is smoother and brighter.  I feel like I have my face back! 

2. I bought the bobbi brown long-wear foundation and I think it is GREAT.  I feel like it is a nice coverage and it stills looks good after having it on since 10am this morning.  I returned the Warm Beige for the Neutral color and it is spot on!   It goes on really nice and makes your skin look flawless!

3. Naked "Urban Decay" concealer.  Goes on soft and smooth and looks darn good!  I really like how it covers and reduces puffyness.  

4. Chanel Reverie Parisienne Rouge Coco Shine.  Lip color name is 97 Desinvolte.  I freaken love this color.. I'll tell you what,  you can tell why it is $36 a tube.. It is amazing and super hydrating.  I think you have to try this.  

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