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I am almost 39 years old, and I wonder if I may be experiencing a midlife crisis... Contrary to popular belief women are just as likely to face a midlife crisis as men are. Now.. that does not mean I want to run out and get hella crazy, leave my husband and family and fly like a free bird. But, I feel like my beauty clock is ticking and my time is almost up. Does that make sense? I have ten years to wear certain things and act a certain way, after that I need to change.

Ok! I know I may stir up some controversy here from you 50 plus women that say you can still look awesome after 50. I feel an urgency to improve my looks and my career right now. I feel like when it comes to my looks I can still be "hott" in my 40's but when 50 hits I will need to button up a button on my shirt. Am I right or wrong?  

According to Cathy Myer a divorce support expert she says,( you can read more here):

People who live their lives fulfilling their dreams and with a purpose are less likely to experience a crisis at midlife. A man or woman who is able to meet their own needs while, at the same time meet the needs of their spouse will more than likely find the transition into midlife easy.

I do sometimes feel like I have not fulfilled my dreams enough, that I have more to accomplish and see. I got married at 20 years old and went right to work. I was taught to go to college, get a job, buy a house then have a baby. I did all of those things according to the "Checklist". I feel like my husband, and I did not get to enjoy each other during our first few years of marriage. We were so focused on that we needed to do to check of the box's on our list that we did not play at all.

Cathy Myer also says:

Women, on the other hand are thrust into midlife crisis because they reach a certain age and find they finally have the opportunity to do all the things in life they have put off doing while caring for her family.

Now, I think when you hear "midlife crisis" you think CRAZY but it doesn't have to be that way.  Accept that you might be having some different thoughts and desires but it's ok!  It's ok to want to improve your looks, it's ok to want to travel and see things you haven't seen before, it's ok to think of yourself.  

10 signs you might be in a midlife crises too!:

1. When you start worring about your health

2. "When you start to have more questions than answers; especially hard ones: 'is this all there is?'... 'why am I doing this?'... 'what about what I need?'... 'who am I anymore?'... 'what is the real point of me?'... 'why put my life off any longer?'" said Anna Gregerson.

3. When you start to compare yourself more to your friends and business associates. When you start to curse them for their success.

4. When you start to look into improving your appearance more, maybe through more evasive measures. Botox, Plastic Surgery, etc., an obsession to be more youthful.

5. When you get the urge to go clubbing, reconnect with college friends and lose weight.  Doctor Phil calls this feeling a need for a new adventure or change.  

6. Being more aware of the people, men or women who do a "double take" of you. I heard once from women who said "The day I did not get looked at twice by someone was the hardest day for me, the day where I felt old."

7. Jumping on a new "health eating" trend. Wanting to eat more "clean". Looking for the drinks and foods that will help you look younger and give you more energy. This, of course, is not a bad thing; it is just funny how much more you care about it. 

8. A sense of remorse for not achieving your goals 

9. Frequent daydreaming or feelings of nostalgia- Dr. Phil

10. Greatly increased or decreased sexual desire- Dr. Phil 

I kind of thought I might be going through a midlife crisis, then I read the warning signs!  I do not really consider it a midlife crisis but because it is not a crisis.  I think that finally I am in a place where I can say more of what I want to say and do more of what I want to do!  

What do you think, are you having a midlife crisis?  Do you think I am having a crisis?  Is it a crisis?


XX Noelle

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