Why do I dream about smoking cigarettes

Why do I have dreams about smoking cigarettes? Have you ever had this dream? You are outside all alone grabbing for a cig and lighting it up, and giving it a good inhale? I don't smoke, so I am wondering why the crap am I dreaming about it all of the time... In my dreams I am really good at it, I am a pro! But I am concerned that that I might need to start smoking.! Is that what it means? Do I have a secret want that is deep inside my subconscious mind?



I think when you dream about smoking once then you can chalk it up to something that would be fun to try.. If you are dreaming about smoking multiple times a week then something more is going on.

I starting searching the internet about why I might be having these dreams. I stumbled on something that was the most amazing thing I have ever read.  You have to
keep reading because if you have ever had this dream this will answer the WHY! 


To dream that you are smoking cigarettes, means that you are trying to shield yourself and others against your emotions. You have trouble letting others in.  It is possible that your actions are being determined by someone else, rather than yourself, and that there is something you need to do in order to change this.  If you dream that you are smoking, it means you are anxious.

Enjoying smoking in a dream somehow is an omen for peace and unity. If you smoke in your dream, but in the waking life you are not a smoker, this means you are afraid of a specific situation in your life. To dream that you are smoking signifies your need for a break. 

So the BIG question is, do I have up a wall that protects me from showing emotions? Am I really who I thought I was, a confident, secure person or am I just kidding myself? And an even BIGGER question is SHOULD I START SMOKING? Alright, I am kidding about the last part but these dreams are troubling.

I want to know what you think about my dreams of smoking. Could it be that I am hiding my emotions from others?




Yeah but what if you keep dreaming about smoking the wrong end of one first

Abraham Joseph

Devine interpretation. May Gbu.

Pr. Abraham Joseph

Devine interpretation. May Gbu.


Its very weird i had a dream. About smoking i do smoke but i dnt understand it


So I’m 13 and I’m dreaming about smoking cigarettes several times a week. I personally can’t stand the cigarette smoke, especially because mom and dad are both smokers (not a surprise in Serbia). My ex also smoked until we etarted dating, after I told him I don’t like it he stopped. I don’t know if I’m dreaming abiut it because my subconscious self wants to start smoking, or because of all the locked up emotions. Please help before I make the wrong decision.

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