Utah’s Most Wanted Felon part 2

Can I first say how embarrassing it is to go to the impound to pick up your car? Well, that was the next morning for us. I am in line at the DMV, and the women asks what I am here for.. I quietly answer “my car was impounded, and I need to get it back”. She looks at me and thinks I might be kidding… oh, I’m not kidding. She says’s “ Oh honey that’s no fun”.

Costs almost $400 to get our car out of the pound and that isn’t to mention that I have to go to court and get some serious fines. I call the Alpine City courthouse to schedule my court date. I tell her that is I am basically a criminal and I need to schedule a date to see the judge.

The Court time is scheduled very EARLY… I hate early. I show up, dressed in my normal attire that may lean more towards the dressy side of things. I am sitting looking around at a few shackled people waiting to see what their destiny will be. First person goes.. Judge throws him in jail, second, suspended driving license for one year. I am seriously panicked; this judge is hardcore. I might go to jail for not having insurance and speeding and what was the other offense? 

My turn up at the pulpit. State your name, please.. I got this that easy. Next, the judge goes through all of my offenses and states that the possible fines for each one. No Insurance, a couple grand in fines. Speeding 15 miles over the speed limit.. bucks. He now asks for me to explain. 

When you're going to court BE PREPARED. I put insurance put on our car the moment I got pulled over and realized it was not on their. I had the insurance company write me a letter saying that as of the date I was pulled over I was covered. Drivers license, check and speeding, well I have a story for that!

I hand the insurance letter over to the judge, he takes a look and says “ charge of no insurance, DISMISSED.” I usually have a lot to say, but I said NOTHING. Next is my speeding, he asks me for a story. He said, “ Come on Noelle give me a good story.” I thought for a second what story I wanted to tell him. My Dad said that I was not speeding, and the cop could not prove it so do not admit I was speeding. Judge did not say a word about not having my driver's license in the car with me. 

Mr. Judge, I actually do not have a story, I was just excited to get home. He said, “you have to have something better than that.” He mentioned a few stories he hears all of the time. I said the good story is that I was steps away from my driveway when I got pulled over. I just had a long day at work then kids soccer games, I could not wait to get home! He laughs as I show him how close I was to home and closes up the case sending me out!

HA! I got off with a tiny speeding fine and nothing else! I am so glad it is over. I drive like a turtle, and I curse the officer every time I see him in Alpine. 

Did I get off easy? Was the judge too lenient with me? Or.. should I have been an attorney because I am so damn good in court?!!!!


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